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Umona L. Sharp is a strong believer of God’s Word. She applies and demonstrates faith on a daily basis, as a part of her lifestyle. She spreads truth to others about God’s power and His ability to change any situation. She communicates God’s power with her wise counsel. Umona is a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor, a Recreation Specialist, and a Life Coach. She holds a variety of credentials in order to understand how she can help others in their life challenging struggles. Her goal is to meet all walks of life to share the good news of faith, provide hope, and her testimonies.




The Dynamics of Faith and its Power is a Biblical studies and true-life application book. This book was especially designed for Christians who face challenging hardships and disappointments throughout their journey with God. The trails of life can be so difficult at times that some struggle in their faith and wonder how to cope with it all. One's relationship with God seems to diminish while hopelessness and despair take charge of their lives. The Dynamics of Faith and its Power will encourage you!


The author explains the various meanings of faith with Biblical examples. She takes the reader along as she travels throughout her journey of faith. She provides powerful prayers that were prayed intentionally for every person who reads this book. She offers a stage of faith assessment that measures where a person is in their faith in God.


This book will help Christians to believe again. It will restore one's hope as the author shares her true life stories of poverty, sickness, and homelessness. She gives a Biblical and psychological approach to help the reader to understand the various stages and components of faith.  This book will change your life forever! You will begin to take your faith back, stand with the power of God, and take dominion over Satan to regain all spiritual promises.

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